From Stubble to Squad Goals: Our Mo-numental Mo-vember Mo-arvel!

What we got up to…..

Everyone at Dt-Squad got together and decided to do something to raise money for Movember. We had some Mo-growers and lots of Mo-supporters!

We got matching Movember t-shirts made for everyone involved. Check them out in the photos below.

At the beginning of the month of November 2023, all our Mo-growers were asked to shave off their facial hair to be ready to start growing their moustaches: 










And our wonderful Chris! Watch his time lapse of shaving off his beard:

Dt-Squad donated £100 for every person that committed to growing their tache throughout Movember!

And now for our lovely Mo-Supporters

Wiktoria supporting Adrian!

Dixie,  Grace and Sally supporting Alan!

Hannah, Janet and Dylan supporting Peter and Chris! 

Cara and Remi supporting Ivan! 

We also had Megan, Katie and Grace D get involved too! 

Dt-Squad donated £20 for every Mo-supporter that got involved. 

Power – Ups

Throughout November we used power-ups as a way of raising more money. It was also a way that meant our mo-supporters could get involved themselves. Some of our power-ups included Burpees, Squats, Press Ups, Sit ups, Exercise bike and many more!

Alan, Chris and Hannah getting involved with our first power- ups of the month: 

Dylan the dog decided to get involved in Hannah and Chris’ burpess too!

3rd November 2023

A tip from Luke for his fellow mo-growers: 

“Good morning fellow moustachers and mo-siblings. Research shows that the risk of accidentally shaving your furry friend off is highest in the first week. I have found that singing (or just shouting) at the top of your lungs ‘save the tache!’ whilst shaving is the best way to mitigate this risk. Your Co-habitors will also love it, and as mo-siblings aren’t allowed to complain!”

8th November 2023

Our one week photo check in for the Mo-growers efforts: 

Max shared this photo of his Grandfather and Luke’s Great-Grandfather to serve as some inspiration for our tache growers! 

“He was awarded the Military Cross in Italy in WW1 as a company commander leading his company in an uphill attack. With great moustaches comes great bravery!” – Luke 

13th November 2023

In week two some of our Mo-Supporters showed us their best fake Moustache as an attempt to win an extra power-up



Janet. WINNER! 

13th November 2023

A group attempt at burpees! Power-up time….

16th November 2023

Two week update from some of our tache growers: 

Our  Mo-supporters showed up to give some inspiration! Even some furry friends got involved…

Truffle the Guinea pig with Sally displaying a fabulous fake moustache! 

Max and Fergus the dogs with moustache growing human Luke! 

“They tried to lick it off and nearly succeeded”- Luke 

Dixie and Grace repping the Dt-Squad Movember T-shirts and their own moustaches.

20th November 2023

Hannah made some delicious cookies for a Dt-Squad event at Silverstone. What a scrummy power-up!  I can confirm they were totes delish!

23th November 2023

Three week tache update: 

 Hannah getting creative and showing her support: 

28th November 2023

Poetry Corner

Headed to the end of November, Peter decided to get creative. He sent this into the group: 

“As we all enter these last few days with the weight of Movember hanging heavily on our shoulders…

I thought a nice haiku dedication might lift our spirits 😀👍

A Haiku for Movember

In morning light,
“Mo” dances in the breeze,
Autumn’s soft caress.


This sparked some others to write their own Movember themed Haikus, accompanied by some wonderful tache photos: 


Silver threads of time,
Whispering tales of the past,
A life well-lived.

Ah yeah, that’s me alright 😄


Sleep interrupted,
Infant cries and Moustache prickles,
December draws near.


To trim my whiskers,
And banish the beastly bush,
Dark winter allows.


Autumn leaves may fall,
Whiskers grow for a bright cause,
Changing faces, lives.


We’ve only gone and done it!!!

30th November 2023

The fourth and final week update of our Mo-growers moustaches along with some of their lovely Mo-supporters:

Alan and family!


Peter and Chris (and Dylan!)




Everyone involved voted on who they thought had the most luxurious moustache as a final power up! 

The votes came in and it was John and Adrian who were tied at the top! Congratulations to you both. 

All our Mo-Growers and Mo-Supporters worked so hard to complete all their power-ups throughout the month. What a great achievement for everyone involved! 

In total we raised £1,566!! 

Dt-Squad donated half of the total amount raised to the Movember charity. They then donated the other half to five other charities. These charities were Duchennes, Andy Man’s Club Suicide Prevention, Help For Heros, Combat Stress and Papyrus. These charities were suggested and decided on by everyone that took part in Dt-Squad supporting Movember. 

Thanks for following along with our journey of Dt-Squad supporting Movember! Until next time….


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