We’re a values driven consulting organisation helping large clients create value through their digital transformations.

With many decades of experience, our people can help you unlock and inject: innovation, ai, data science, agility, programme governance and software development / integration to create value.

What does it mean to be values driven?

It means being true to the things we believe. Not just in May or June when the sun is shining and life is a breeze. But also in February when it’s cold and dark and the land is hard with frost.

You can read a lot more about our values in the blog posts here and here, but in short, we summarise them as:

Win Win

For all our stakeholders including: our clients and prospects, our people and the veteran communities we support with our free of charge development programmes


Being clear about what we stand for and believe, documenting it so we can be held to account and staying truem even when no one is looking


With a five point strategy to help us all innovate on demand

You can read more aout this in our blog: Five tools for innovation mastery


Increasing our ability to change direction quickly to avoid threats and capitalise on opportunity

It’s a philosophy that we advocate for all our stakeholders

Supporting our values , we also have a seven point credo:

  • We all listen
  • We all learn
  • We all help
  • We all sell
  • We all deliver
  • We all own
  • We all win

Join us

If you’ve already enjoyed a successful career in the military (or another field) and you’re looking for a change of direction; if you’re good with technology, happy with process, and love solving problems, read on!

We have supported learning paths for people like you (free of charge and with no strings) that will help you go as far as you want, building skills in: problem solving, innovation, coding, data science, digital transformation, governance and many more.

We run our business in a highly democratic way as if 80% of the shares are controlled by the employees so there is a high level of autonomy and ability to shape all our futures.

If you’d like to talk to some of our people about the experience of working here or the learning opportunities, you can contact them directly via LinkedIn.

Here’s our team

We’re primarily a people based organisation. Our team are building an amazing culture, growing our business and creating value for our clients.

If you’d like to contact us see details below – click the LinkedIn buttons, send an email or call us!

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Nominated for Midlands UK StartUp Award 2024

Great news! We have been named a finalist ahead of the Midlands final of the StartUp awards.

The UK StartUp Awards was launched to recognise the booming start-up scene across the UK which has accelerated over the last few years with over 900,000 new businesses founded in the UK in 2023, a 12% increase from the year before.

We are one of 900 businesses which have been shortlisted for this year’s UK StartUp Awards and our combined contribution – all started in the last three years – is significant, having created nearly 6,000 new jobs since and generating annual sales of £480 million.

The regional prizes will be awarded by a panel of seasoned judges with experience founding or supporting entrepreneurial ventures. The winners from each region will then be invited to the first UK final taking place at Ideas Fest, the Glastonbury for Business festival in Tring, Hertfordshire on 12th September 2024 – we hope to be going to that event!

The rest of the wonderful finalists can be found online at https://startupawards.uk/

Proud of our bronze award for employers

We’re extremely proud to have been recognized with the Armed Forces Bronze Award. It’s a reflection of our deep commitment to supporting those who have served their country. It not only acknowledges our dedication to creating inclusive opportunities for service leavers but also highlights our efforts in leveraging their unique skills and perspectives. By focusing on helping service leavers transition into civilian roles, particularly with learning to solve complex problems with code, we underscore our commitment to their success and wellbeing. As they get to know us during the training, many are drawn to our philosophy and values. Where possible, we ask our students to join us as members of our team and help us build an amazing business

This award is a milestone that celebrates our ongoing efforts to honour and integrate the armed forces community into our team. And we’re not stopping here! With our sights set on the Silver, watch this space!